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Fast Post Anchor

Fast Post Anchor

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Fast Post Anchor is a convenient alternative to concrete for setting fence posts, mailboxes, sign and barn post anchors. One bag is equivalent to one 50lb bag of concrete, providing a strong adhesive grip to wood, vinyl, and metal posts. Its waterproof and hydrophobic properties also protect posts from water-related damages, while the 30 second mix time and 15 minute set-time allow installers to start mounting hardware quickly and without extra water or crews.


  • A single bag replaces 50lb of concrete
  • Adheres to wood, vinyl and metal posts better than traditional concrete
  • Waterproof and hydrophobic (as opposed to concrete, which absorbs water), decreasing rot, rust and other water-related damages
  • Mixes in 30 seconds and sets within 15 minutes, allowing installers to start mounting hardware almost immediately without the need for moving crews, equipment or concrete
  • No water required
  • Safe for the environment and user as no harmful chemicals are released into the environment when used

Directions for use:

  • Simply mix the two-component kit, conveniently packaged in a small bag, for 30 seconds and pour the contents into the hole and let it sit for 15 minutes.

Each bag easily sets a 4" x 4" post (10cm x 10cm) in an 8"(20cm) x 3' (90cm) deep hole.

Number of Bags per Post
Hole Depth 2ft (60cm) 3ft (90cm)
Hole Diameter 6" (15cm) 8" (20cm) 10" (25cm) 6" (15cm) 8" (20cm) 10" (25cm)
2 3/8" Post - - - 1.5 3 -
4" x 4" Post 0.5 1.5 2.5 1 2 4
5" x 5" Post - 1 2 - 1.5 3.5
6" x 6" Post - 0.5 2 - 1 2.5

What's in the box:

  • 1 x Fast Post Anchor
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