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Agri-Balance 20L Liquid Organic Fertiliser

Agri-Balance 20L Liquid Organic Fertiliser

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Agri-Balance 20L Liquid Organic Fertiliser is a versatile product that stabilizes and magnifies soil, promotes plant growth, and enhances soil quality. Made from Humic, Fulvic, and Ulmic acid, sourced from Leonardite Ore, as well as beneficial microbes, organic carbon, vitamins, and a wide range of trace elements, this fertilizer effectively balances soils of all types.


  • Soil conditioner & stabiliser
  • Plant growth stimulant
  • Soil life activator & conditioner
  • Fertiliser enhancer
  • Revitalises soil and improves ground fertility


  • At Planting: 5L/ha with 500-1000L water sprayed over granular fertiliser
  • Soil Compaction & Detoxifying: 10-25L/ha with 500-1000L water
  • Sodium Management: 1-2L/ha with 500L water
  • Stabilisation of Urea: 1-1.5L/ha with 500L water
  • Golf greens, Bowling Greens and Fairways: 5L/ha with 500L water every 2 months


Humic Acid 120g/kg Fulvic & Ulmic Acid 20g/kg
Total Humates 210g/kg Potassium (K) 17g/kg
Earthworm Exudate 79% CFU's/ml 1 - 5,000,000
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