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Agri-Boost 20L Liquid Organic Fertiliser

Agri-Boost 20L Liquid Organic Fertiliser

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Agri-Boost 20L Liquid Organic Fertiliser is an excellent choice for maintaining plant health and soil fertility. It's derived from earthworm exudate and contains 17% Nitrogen to promote strong root growth. It optimises photosynthesis during winter and has been specifically formulated for use during stress stages like transplanting and leaf/flower emergence. Use it to complete your standard fertiliser program and revitalise your soil.


  • Excellent source of Nitrogen (17%) promotes strong root growth
  • Revitalises soil and improves ground fertility
  • Maintains leaf health which optimises photosynthesis
  • Applied at any plant stress stages such as after transplanting, tillering, flowering, fruiting and after harvesting
  • Helps plants to recover quickly after plant diseases and increases resistance to plant stress
  • Increases efficacy and uptake of micro nutrients
  • Compliments the normal fertiliser program


  • Recommended Dilution (all crops): 1:100
  • Cropping Systems: 20-30L/ha with 100-200L water
  • Turfland Pasture: 10-20L/ha with 60-100L water
  • Horticulture (Trees): 25-50L/ha with 200-400L water
  • Horticulture (Row): 10-20L/ha with 60-100L water
  • Soil Application: 50-150L/ha
  • Foliar Application: 15-40L/ha
  • Golf greens: 1-1.5L/green with 300L water
  • Bowling greens: 3-5L/green with 600L water
  • Fairways and sports fields: 5L/ha with 500L water every 2 weeks


Nitrogen (N) 176.7g/kg Phosphorus (P) 114.64mg/kg
Potassium (K) 1900mg/kg Sulphur (S) 314.03mg/kg
Calcium (Ca) 314.03mg/kg Sodium (Na) 787.56mg/kg
Copper (Cu) 2.49mg/kg Zinc (Zn) 1.50mg/kg
Manganese (Mn) 0.05mg/kg Iron (Fe) 139.57mg/kg
Boron (B) 34.89mg/kg Magnesium (Mg) 149.54mg/kg
Humic Acid 13.80g/kg Earthworm Exudate 610g/kg
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