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Huffy Green Machine Go-Kart

Huffy Green Machine Go-Kart

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The legendary Green Machine spins, slides and glides its way into a new generation. The first 180-degree spin is heart-pounding. The long slides, drifts and skids are head-turning. The ride is all-around game-changing! The HUFFY Green Machine has been part of some of the best childhood memories for decades of kids. From using dual-stick steering like a pro, to making outrageous spins at that perfect moment, your friends will be lining up for the chance to take a spin on your green ride. The new designs and innovations of this legendary ride deliver better spins and smoother slides along with total comfort. Take Control - Lose Control with the new age of the HUFFY Green Machine!


  • Be ready to do quick spins and smooth slides with the Green Machine Go-kart
  • Featuring dual-stick steering with rear wheel control, this trike delivers agility and thrills
  • There's no stopping this trike with its super-slick, rear wheels and 16/20" pneumatic front tire, it's all geared for a powerful ride and monster pivots
  • Comfortable bucket seat adjusts to fit a range of riders and offer side support during slides
  • Thanks to the dual-action coaster brake, nimble turns and long slides are easy as pie
  • Durable steel frame with low center of gravity to keep kids safer
  • Give your kids the ultimate thrill ride with the Green Machine 16/20" Go-kart


  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Length: 36"
  • Weight: 21.8kg
  • Suspension: Front
  • Brakes: Foot powered direct drive
  • Recommended Ages: 9-11 years
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