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LubeFusion Water-Based Degreaser & Engine Cleaner

LubeFusion Water-Based Degreaser & Engine Cleaner

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Concentrated liquid blend of alkaline materials, surfactants and emulsifiers which will transform greasy/oily deposits into a fine emulsion, easily dispersible in water.

Suitable for use on wood, steel, asphalt and concrete, as well as, non-ferrous metallic and painted surfaces.


  • Apron areas
  • Airport, shipping, rail & bus terminal floors
  • Shipping container terminals
  • Workshop & display area floors
  • Heavy duty degreasing of engine rooms
  • Cleaning & degreasing of liquid food cargo tank


  • The resulting emulsion will not settle in drains or grease traps and will not cause blockages
  • Oil will quickly be demulsified to float for ease of separation in separation pits especially in applications strict on environmentally friendly processes
  • Highly concentrated and can be diluted down to 1:10 depending on application
  • Contains no phosphates hence the waste can be disposed of without worry of effluent with high loads of phosphates
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